TLC Workshop: Assignment and Assessment Design

TLC Workshop: Assignment and Assessment Design
Thursday, November 1 | 4:00-6:00 pm | Room 9205

Engaging assignments ask students not only to demonstrate an understanding of course content, but to activate that material by applying it to new contexts or by putting it into relation with another idea. Thoughtful assignment design reinforces a course’s framing questions and narrative, and offering different types of assignments throughout the semester broadens students’ opportunities to strengthen and demonstrate critical skills alongside their exploration of course content. Providing meaningful feedback on assignments encourages new directions of inquiry or may indicate places for students to review. It can be quite challenging and time consuming to design assignments that fit department assessment objectives, engage a range of learning styles, and invite students to explore course content through their interests, and making decisions about how and where to offer feedback can feel overwhelming.

Please join the Teaching and Learning center for a workshop and discussion on Assignment and Assessment design. We’ll explore ways to create engaging and challenging assignments for students, as well as how to build assessment methods that are generative and efficient. We’ll discuss strategies for managing students’ expectations and anxieties around assignments and assessment, and consider methods for scaffolding from low stakes to high stakes assignments.

Please RSVP at http://cuny.is/tlc-registration.