Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College map

1. Student Center
2. Whitehead Hall (A)*
3. Topfer Library Cafe
4. Boylan Hall (B)*
5. James Hall (J)*
6. West Quad Center (WQ)*
7. Heating and Chiller Plants
8. West End Building (WEB)(F)*
9. Roosevelt Hall (R)*
10. Roosevelt Hall Extension (RE)*
11. Ingersoll Hall (N)*
12. Ingersoll Hall Extension (NE)*
13. Library (L) *
14. Whitman Hall (W)*
15. Leonard & Claire Tow Center for the Performing Arts (opening 2014)
16. Tanger Hillel House
17. Newman Catholic Center
18. Residence Hall (
19. Future Site of Koppelman Hall* Brooklyn College Building Codes

Faculty Resources:

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program at Brooklyn College offers one on one consultation with a Writing Fellow and access to a variety of materials to aid you in teaching and evaluating student writing.

Brooklyn College Faculty Day is a yearly event in the Spring semester meant to highlight the research going on at Brooklyn College and bring the whole faculty of the college together for discussion.

The Brooklyn College Library offers faculty support for teaching, research, and technology.

Bluepulse is a software package that enables faculty to realtime feedback from students about the effectiveness of their pedagogy.

Student Resources:

WAC resources for students.

The Learning Center

Brooklyn College Library

Magner Career Center

Personal Counseling

Center for Academic Advising and Student Success

Administrative Resources:

Course Schedules

Faculty Handbook

Human Resources

Payroll Information