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Preparing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for the Job Market

Many academic positions require a statement of teaching philosophy as part of the application process. When you’re applying to a liberal arts, community, or other teaching-oriented college, your teaching statement will be a major factor in the selection process, and at many research universities the teaching statement is also a significant factor in the application. …

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Job Market

Job Market Graduate Center students can be well-positioned to present themselves not only as experienced and capable college teachers, but often times as scholars who have thought creatively about the various roles of pedagogy in higher education. This can lead to professional opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. This section provides guidance for GC students who are …

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Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosphy

Applying for academic jobs that require a teaching statement? Join the Teaching and Learning Center and the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development for a two-hour workshop where we’ll review samples, discuss how to tailor statements for different positions, and explore how to harness the experience of teaching at CUNY to make your statements stand out to search committees. All …

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