Category: Affect, Arts-based, and Visual Methods


Using Photography in the Classroom: Centering Student Participation and Creative Expression

As we prepare to teach in online and hybrid classrooms in the fall semester and beyond, the challenges of maintaining student engagement and lifting up student voices require attention as we design and adapt syllabi and assignments.  Assignments that ask students to take photographs engage students in important skills and practices such as documenting, archiving, …

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Practicing Ritual as a Way to Build Community in the Classroom

The workshop I have organized, “Practicing Ritual as a Way to Build Community in the Classroom,” will highlight the usefulness of practicing ritual by engaging participants in reflective activities. Building community is more difficult during these times, and this workshop will highlight how ritual can deepen connection in the classroom and work to improve student …

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Museum Pedagogy

Over the past generation, museums have undergone an enormous transition. No longer simply repositories of artifacts and authority, they are now, as the Smithsonian’s Stephen E. Weil once described, “a place for somebody.” As museums have moved toward a visitor-centered approach, their education departments have professionalized and developed a series of techniques designed to engage …

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Teaching with Short Docs

Many instructors use documentary media in their classes. Documentaries can provide additional perspectives, offer students the chance to engage with audio-visual texts, and cultivate their media literacy. However, the choice to incorporate multimedia can present both logistical and pedagogical challenges—including how to identify relevant and thought-provoking content, and how to integrate it meaningfully into the …

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