Category: Assessment

Reframing the Final Paper: Alternative & Creative Assignments

Writing is a central aspect of academic life. As instructors, we regularly assign essays, compositions, proposals, annotated bibliographies, and final papers. There are, however, alternatives or accompaniments to these written assignments that may accomplish similar goals, or facilitate additional ones. Podcasts, zines, timelines, and other creative assignments allow students to produce artifacts with audiences beyond …

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Peer Review

Have you ever felt concerned about your ability to provide constructive feedback to every student? Are you interested in building your students’ capacity to critically read and engage with each others’ work? Are you interested in building classroom community and incorporating peer review into your course from the start of the semester? Join the Teaching …

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End of Semester Assessment

Are you feeling overwhelmed by end-of-semester grading? Join the Teaching and Learning Center for a workshop on End-of-Semester Assessment. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to streamline your end-of-semester workload by developing strategies to mark assignments, including papers and final exams, quickly and efficiently. We’ll discuss ways to write clear, high-stakes assignments and consider how …

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