Category: Place-based Pedagogy

Open Pedagogy Interventions while Teaching Remotely: Place-based and Digital Storytelling Projects

Outreach Many of our teaching and learning practices have shifted since we have been forced to only teach remotely. However, our pedagogy, assignments, and classroom projects can still have a meaningful impact by engaging resources and spaces outside of our virtual classrooms. In this workshop we will discuss Place-based and Digital Storytelling as pedagogical methods …

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Putting NYC to Work: Using Place-Based Assignments in Your Courses

In the second installment of the TLC’s two-part workshop series on place-based learning, we’ll explore strategies for creating and integrating creative assignments that take advantage of New York’s cultural resources, including its many archives, museums, libraries, performing arts institutions, green spaces, etc. We’ll start by considering the history and theory behind experiential learning, and discuss …

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Museum Pedagogy

Over the past generation, museums have undergone an enormous transition. No longer simply repositories of artifacts and authority, they are now, as the Smithsonian’s Stephen E. Weil once described, “a place for somebody.” As museums have moved toward a visitor-centered approach, their education departments have professionalized and developed a series of techniques designed to engage …

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