Programs & Services

The Teaching and Learning Center offers a range of services. The goal of the Center is to build and coalesce communities of practice within and across the populations that staff CUNY’s classrooms. We believe that our classrooms are stronger when both students and faculty members are aware of the contexts and purposes that have brought them together into that space. The best way to cultivate this awareness is via dialogue and through continuous interrogation of our practices.

Programs and services at the TLC focus explicitly on Graduate Center students who are teaching on CUNY’s campuses and beyond. We understand that these faculty members have much to learn from and to teach CUNY faculty whose work is not based at the Graduate Center, and thus we are always looking for opportunities to open up our programming and to collaborate with partners on other campuses.


The TLC offers hands-on workshops on a range of pedagogical methods and questions, educational technologies, preparation for the job market, and other areas.

Office Hours

TLC staff hold daily office hours where GC students can discuss their teaching, get assistance on special projects, and receive support preparing materials for the job market.

TLC Forum

The TLC Forum offers a public space for members of the CUNY community to discuss matters pertaining to teaching and learning, to share resources, and to connect with other teacher/scholars across CUNY and beyond.

Teach@CUNY Summer Institute

An Institute to train new college teachers.

Special Projects

Collaborations with partner units and members of the community on ongoing teaching, learning, and scholarship projects.