The Teaching and Learning Center

creating and extending opportunities for CUNY Graduate Center students and faculty to develop as college teachers



Thank you for visiting the site for the Teaching and Learning Center at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. You can read more about the Center and its mission here.

On the right are recent announcements from the TLC, and below are the guides that we began developing and launching during the Spring 2016 semester. These resources will build and change over time, so please check back often!


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TLC Guides


New to Teaching?

New to teaching? Click through for some guidance on how to approach your first semester in the college classroom. 


Teaching in the Disciplines

Explore how courses at different levels are organized in the humanities, the social sciences, and in STEM fields. 


Educational Technology

Learn about emerging trends in educational technology, and how to integrate a range of tools into your teaching. 




Learn about the roles that Writing Across the Curriculum, Writing in the Disciplines, and Quantitative Reasoning play across CUNY.


Navigating CUNY

CUNY is vast and confusing. Click through for a series of resources that can help Graduate Center students navigate the behemoth. 



Job Market

Learn about teaching opportunities, how to market yourself as an experienced college teacher, and how to draw upon your classroom experiences across professional contexts. 


Professional Development

Learn about opportunities for CUNY students and faculty to develop as college instructors and curriculum shapers.



Who doesn’t get into teaching for the money? Learn about grant opportunities to support work in and around college instruction. 


CUNY Lexicon

Like any large bureaucracy, CUNY has its own language. Check here when you hear a term regularly, but have no idea what it means.