Spring 2017 Workshops

Improv for Academics
February 8, 1-3pm, Room 9206
Join the TLC to explore how improv can motivate your classroom presence.

Teaching as an International Student
February 22, 1-3pm, Room 9206
Join fellow international students to discuss the unique challenges of teaching at CUNY as an international instructor.

NYC as Classroom: Pedagogies of Close Looking at the Frick
February 22, 7-9pm, Frick Collection (1 E. 70th Street)
Through an activity led by the Frick’s Museum Educators in the Frick galleries, be inspired to the multidisciplinary possibilities of close looking pedagogy. Join us the following week to discuss how we can use the city as inspiration for place-based assignments in our classrooms.

NYC as Classroom: Place-Based Assignments
March 1, 6:30-8:30pm, Room 9207
Continue our conversation about NYC inspired place-based assignments in CUNY classrooms.

[Postponed] Undergraduate Research Opportunities [Postponed]
March 8, 1-3pm, Room C204
Think beyond the classroom as a space for student work: join us in exploring undergraduate researching opportunities.

Demystifying Ed Tech
March 22, 1-3pm, Room 5417 [postponed from March 15]
Let the TLC demystify popular educational technology for you.

Hybrid/Online Courses
March 20, 6:30-8:30pm, Room 4422
Whether you’re a new or experienced Hybrid/ Online instructor, join the TLC and ITP to explore online teaching.

Turning your Exercises into Games: A Mid-Semester Workshop with What’s your Game Plan?
March 23, 6:30-8pm, Room 9207
Explore game-based pedagogy at this workshop facilitated by the CUNY Games Network and co-sponsored by the TLC, Futures Initiative, and Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Program

Social Reading/ Social Writing
March 29, 1-3pm, Room 9206
This workshop will introduce tools for social reading and social writing.

Teaching the Humanities at Two-Year Institutions: Perspectives and Practices
April 24, 6:30-8:30pm, Room 9204
A panel discussion with the Futures Initiative on teaching the humanities at two-year institutions.

Teach your Research: Translating Specialized Knowledge for the Humanities Classroom
April 26, 1-3pm, Room 9206
Join the TLC to consider ways that your scholarship can inform your course.

Teach@CUNY Day
May 8, 9:30am-4pm, Concourse Level
Save the date for a day-long celebration of Teaching and Learning at CUNY.