TLC Workshop: Positionality

Monday, November 6, 2017 | 5-7pm
The James Gallery
1st Floor, The Graduate Center

Positionality Workshop Flyer

In the Educator Positionality Mind-Mapping workshop we will explore how our previous educational and personal experiences have shaped both the kinds of scholars that we are and the kinds of teaching practices we enact in the classroom.
We’ll do this by creating visual maps as a way to reflect, together, upon our evolving pedagogical development.

This workshop is the first in a series of three interconnected events hosted by the Teaching and Learning Center on Socially Conscious Pedagogy that explore, imagine, and commit to teaching practices that are self-reflexive, responsive, and subversive. Subsequent events will include programming on the intersection of theory and practice, and a roundtable discussion on reimagining disciplinary canons led by doctoral students of color who will speak about their own approaches to selecting which texts they teach.

The Developing Socially-Conscious Pedagogy Educator Series was started by a group of GC graduate student educators seeking to increase dialogue at the GC about racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism and other marginalizing forces and interlocking systems of oppression. These marginalizing social forces are produced and reproduced in academia, and manifest in multiple forms across the university, including our classrooms. This series seeks to engage-confront-disrupt-resist these systems by inviting educators’ participation in the exploration, imagination and commitment to socially-conscious practices.

This event is co-sponsored by Teaching and Learning Center, the Center for the Humanities/James Gallery, and the CUNY Pipeline Program.