TLC Workshop: Creativity in the Classroom

Creativity in the Classroom
Tuesday, February 27 | 4:30-6:30pm | Room 9205

Are you looking for ways to get students more engaged with challenging course material and assignments? Students come into the classroom with a wide range of creative skills that you can help them apply to materials in your course. Offering students creative options (both in-person and digital) can deepen and sustain their engagement.

Often in our classrooms we teach students to think, read, and write critically with an emphasis on logic, argumentation, and research. This workshop will analyze the interconnections between “critical” and “creative” thinking and demonstrate a variety of active learning strategies using creative methods. Together, we will deconstruct the binary of critical/creative and develop lessons and assignments that foster students’ creative thinking. Participants are asked to bring an assignment that students may struggle with, and which they would like to enhance by integrating a more creative component.

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