Open Focused Inquiry Series: Communication as Praxis: Session II

OFIS: Communication as Praxis: Session II

Tuesday, March 12, 3-5pm, room 3317

Session II of this Open Focused Inquiry Series (OFIS): Classroom Communication as Praxis will build on a series of questions developed in Session I about intentional classroom communication practices. We continue to explore how communication praxes–responding, listening, talking, and questioning– can help us negotiate, examine, and shape community in the classroom. In the session, we will examine and question theories and practices of classroom communication as a way, first, to reflexively test each, and, second, consider how we might implement or modify them in and for our own teaching practices.

Before the session, participants are encouraged to review two resources that will inform our discussion: selections from bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress and the Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning digital resource, “Teaching by the Case Method,” and may also consider responding to a prompt. This OFIS session is open to both ongoing participants and first-time attendees; participants will most benefit if they engage with readings and prompts prior to the meeting, though it is not required. Copies of the readings are available by emailing your request to edecker@gc.cuny.edu.

To register for Session II, click here. Participants are asked to please bring a laptop or other mobile device to the session.

Session II is the first in a four-part Open Focused Inquiry Series that examines how we do (or do not) use intentional communication practices to encourage students as learners, interrogators, and producers of knowledge. This group draws from the scholarship of teaching and learning and our own experiences as graduate student instructors to explore the theory and practice of dynamic, intentional classroom communication. To learn more, and for participation options, click here.