Teaching Strategies (PDEV 79401)​, Spring 2021

Teaching Strategies (PDEV 79401)​, Spring 2021
Fridays, 11:45am-1:45pm

Professor: Luis Henao Uribe, Humanities Scholar, The Teaching and Learning Center, The Graduate Center, CUNY

This course provides Graduate Center students with community and structure to help them prepare for and reflect upon their development as teachers. Work in the course proceeds from an understanding of the social contexts of teaching, as well as the positionalities of graduate student instructors and adjuncts. Short theoretical readings will help guide participants’ exploration and development of their teaching philosophies and materials. The course curriculum and structure will be responsive to the group’s needs and the realities of the moments when we teach. In Spring 2021, the course will address the challenges faced due to the current public health and social crises, and how it impacts teaching and learning.

Foundational topics explored in the course will include classroom community, student-centered and active learning approaches, accessibility, course design and policies, lesson planning, assignment design, assessment, educational technology, writing pedagogy, affective responses in classroom settings, and culturally-responsive pedagogy.

For questions about the course, please reach out to Dr. Henao Uribe at lhenaouribe@gc.cuny.edu.