Teach@CUNY 2021 Summer Institute Workshop Resources

The TLC’s Teach@CUNY 2021 Summer Institute took place August 9-20th this year. As part of the Institute, TLC Fellows, Carnegie Educational Technology Fellows, and colleagues from the Graduate Center’s Digital Initiatives team offered 19 workshops that explored digital tools, classroom practices, and pedagogical approaches that attendees might incorporate into courses this fall.

Several workshop resources have been collected here for access by all; more will be added over time. Please also see the TLC Workshop Archive for access to materials from nearly one hundred previous TLC workshops.

If you’d like to learn more about a particular topic or meet with a TLC fellow to talk through integrating these ideas into your own course, please feel free to get in touch with us (tlc@gc.cuny.edu) or sign up for our office hours here (link).

Pedagogical Approaches

Abolitionist Pedagogy

Science Communication

Digital Tools and Strategies

 Opening up your Teaching with Digital Pedagogy

Podcasts for Teaching and Learning


Mixing Modes of Instruction


Classroom Practices

Improv for Academics workshop

Cultivating Engagement and Participation

Fostering Mental & Emotional Well being in Our Classrooms

Self Care

Balancing Time: Managing Workload & Taking Care of Yourself