Materializing the Moment

Two years ago today, CUNY announced the shift to fully online learning in response to COVID-19. During this time, many facets of the pandemic have been material — physical health, masks, home-boundedness, new work spaces—and yet, much of our experience and discussion of teaching and learning has been focused on the virtual.

The TLC is launching the “Materializing the Moment” project to collect reflections and stories (anonymous or credited) that capture the opportunities and hardships of returning to campus life and teaching and learning in-person. 

screenshot of banner from Materializing the Moment site

We hope to provide a space to reflect on our embodied and tangible, relationship with public education and our situatedness within CUNY (or your own university.) 

The stories, images, objects, and artifacts collected in the digital space will be integrated into a collection about this moment in the CUNY Digital History Archive.

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