TLC Workshop: Course Reconfiguration

TLC Workshop: Course Reconfiguration: Responding to Student Needs

Wednesday, September 20, 3pm-5pm
Graduate Center, Room 3317

Now that the semester has started, you may have found that the curriculum, classroom, or student needs you imagined when planning your course do not exactly align with how your course has unfolded over the first few weeks. It’s not too late to revisit your course to recalibrate assignments and expectations for the semester. 

This workshop will provide instructors with guidance on how to reconfigure their courses based on the evolving needs of their students, and the goals for the course. Attendees will have opportunities to talk through what’s working and what feels like it’s not, develop modifications to their course and in-class strategies, and refine the digital spaces and tools they are using in their courses. We will also explore the principles of responsive teaching to effectively navigate challenges related to course content and delivery, assignment design, and student accessibility. 

No registration is required- this is a drop-in workshop.