Just Launched: TLC Guide, “Navigating CUNY”

I am pleased to launch the first of several TLC Guides that the Teaching and Learning Center will publish over the coming weeks: “Navigating CUNY.”

This guide, compiled by TLC Fellow Andrew McKinney, will help orient Graduate Center students who are looking for quick introductions to the campuses they will be teaching at or visiting, and selected relevant services on those campuses. We’ve started with guides for each of CUNY’s eleven senior colleges that feature maps, links to administrative offices, as well as links to resources for faculty and for students. We have also posted a page that presents information that’s relevant across many or all of CUNY’s campuses including calendars, pay schedules, information from two CUNY labor unions (PSC-CUNY and DC-37), as well as information about health insurance for Graduate Center students. Guides for CUNY’s community colleges and professional schools are forthcoming.

This guide, like all others published by the TLC, will be an evolving document, and we will revisit it each semester to update it and make appropriate changes. If you would like to request a change or an addition, we encourage you to submit a change request via this form.

Stay tuned for more TLC Guides in the coming weeks!