Fall 2016 Workshops

Course Tweaking Workshop
September 2, 10am-12pm, Room 9204
September 7, 1-3pm, Room 9207

Need to reconceptualize some aspects of your course after the first week? Compare notes with other teachers and talk through your concerns with TLC staff. 

Peer Review and Creative Assessment
September 14, 1-3pm, Room 9207
A TLC workshop designed to maximize effectiveness of peer review and assessment in your classroom.

Preparing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy Workshop
September 29, 7-9pm, Room 9207
On the job market, or soon to be? This workshop will focus on preparing a strong statement of teaching philosophy.

Peer Review of Statements of Teaching Philosophy
October 6, 1-3pm and 6:30-8:30pm, Room 9207
Workshop your Statement of Teaching Philosophy with TLC Staff and your GC Peers.

Teaching with Open Educational Resources
October 19, 1-3pm, Room 9207
Explore how to integrate open educational resources into your teaching.

Writing in Non-Writing Courses
October 26, 1-3pm, Room 9207
The process of writing can enhance student learning in every classroom. This workshop will introduce tips and techniques to incorporate writing into non-writing courses.

Teaching with WordPress
November 10, 6:30-8:30pm, Room 9206
Discover ways to use WordPress to enhance your classroom teaching.

[Cancelled] Annotation/Close Reading in Hybrid/Online Courses
November 16, 1-3pm, Room 9207
Learn how online annotation can be used for close reading in digital spaces.

Strategies for End-of-Semester Assessment
November 30, 1-3pm, Room 9207
This workshop will present and discuss effective end-of-semester assessment strategies.

Teaching Portfolios as Reflective Practice
December 7, 1-3pm, Room 9207
Join us for this end-of-semester workshop, where we’ll engage in activities designed to prompt thoughtful consideration of your teaching with an eye to building your teaching portfolios.