TLC Workshop: How to Create a Ritual Toolkit to Deepen Connection in Your Classroom

Monday, March 1
4pm to 5:30 pm on Zoom

Sustaining connection in any space during these times can be difficult – virtual classrooms included. This workshop invites instructors to develop rituals, or ongoing habits, in the classroom to encourage connection and engagement among students.

This workshop builds upon the ideas coming out of a previous TLC workshop, “Practicing Ritual as a Way to Build Community in the Classroom,” which explored what ritual work is and how it might be employed in order to deepen classroom engagement. (However, all are invited to attend this workshop, regardless of whether or not the previous one was attended.) In this workshop, participants will be invited to develop and concretize a collection (or “toolkit”) of classroom practices they can employ at any time to encourage engagement and establish a sense of stability among students.

Our primary aim in this workshop is to establish three “go-to” practices instructors can employ with their students at any time in order to:

a) re-establish feelings of safety and / or comfort
b) encourage participation and engagement
c) deepen feelings of community and connection or
d) check in on student progress regarding course content.

Other aims include highlighting the ability of ritual practice to establish connection in the classroom and encouraging participants to investigate their own relationships with ritual.

To RSVP, please complete this form: http://cuny.is/tlc-spring-21.

An email with the zoom link will be sent on 2/28.