TLC Workshop: “What Does This Image Mean?” Incorporating Visual Methods in the (Online) Classroom

“What Does This Image Mean?”: Incorporating Visual Methods in the (Online) Classroom
Tuesday, October 26, 4:30pm-6:00pm, on Zoom

Hosted by Cristina Elena Pardo Porto

I can’t picture it.

When we don’t understand something, many of us have said: I can’t picture X, Y, Z. To “learn” something, we might need to “see” it in the form of an image. 

But, what does the image mean? This workshop will explore different possibilities for visual learning and help attendees effectively utilize visual aids and images in their teaching across disciplines. By using and destabilizing the meaning in images, we will explore issues related to spatial awareness, color, and contrast, while also identifying the “visual characteristics” of our disciplines. 

We will then work together to determine formulas for comparing and connecting visual information across different types of classrooms, practice strategies to effectively incorporate methods such as image elicitation and discussion, and put together a toolkit that can help transform our classrooms into more visually-engaging spaces.

Attendees will explore how to use images successfully in syllabi, Powerpoints, lectures, and assignments, and in other contexts.

Please join us on October 26– register here — — and a Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the workshop.