New to Teaching

New to Teaching?

Welcome to our New to Teaching guide! Whether you’re teaching for the first time, teaching a brand new course or looking for ways to switch up what you’ve been doing in the classroom, check out our guides.

Before the Semester includes what we wish we knew before stepping into the classroom for the first time as well as resources to help you plan your course.

During the Semester offers advice on classroom management, including strategies for navigating classroom and campus dynamics, tips on lecturing, leading discussion, and organizing group work. The guide also features a section on Assignment and Assessment which overviews types of assignments and models of assessment as suggestions for marking papers and using rubrics. The section on Troubleshooting addresses issues that pop up unexpectedly during the semester while Course Observations aims to explain the observation process and help you prepare.

The After the Semester guide is geared to help you synthesize your experience teaching the course through your own notes, feedback that you’ve gathered from your course observation and student evaluations as well helping you shape that experience into various professional development opportunities.


Before the Semester


During the Semester


After the Semester