Open Focused Inquiry Series: Classroom Communication as Praxis: Session III

OFIS: Communication as Praxis: Session III

Tuesday, March 19, 3-5pm, room 3317

Session III of this Open Focused Inquiry Series (OFIS): Classroom Communication as Praxis will build on a series of topics developed in Session I and II about intentional classroom communication. In this session, we will turn our focus to our own classroom practices as we explore how our classrooms and assignments invite and impede communication. We will then work in groups to develop activities and classroom experiences that experiment with and model various modes of intentional communication in our classes.

In Session I, we focused on unpacking, questioning, and considering the impact of our four key terms: listening, responding, questioning, and talking, and generating a series of questions about each term. We then organized these questions into three lines of inquiry. In Session II, we considered these points of inquiry alongside and through selections from bell hooks’ Teaching to Transgress, and the digital resource “Teaching by the Case Method.” Copies of the readings are available by emailing your request to

To register for Session III, click here. Please consider bringing an assignment or activity that you use or plan to use in your class.

Session III is the third in a four-part Open Focused Inquiry Series that examines how we do (or do not) use intentional communication practices to encourage students as learners, interrogators, and producers of knowledge. This group draws from the scholarship of teaching and learning and our own experiences as graduate student instructors to explore the theory and practice of dynamic, intentional classroom communication. To learn more, and for participation options, click here.