TLC Collaborations with Center for Humanities and James Gallery

The TLC is pleased to be collaborating with colleagues at the Center for Humanities and the James Gallery on two exciting programs engaging the broader CUNY community.

On November 8th the Graduate Center will host the Asterisk Academy for a workshop on LGBTQIA inclusivity in higher education. The evening will include a presentation on the challenges LGBTQIA+ people face in college and university settings, first-hand accounts of what it means to be overlooked or discriminated against, and the significant impact this can have on the success and careers of students, faculty and staff. They will discuss the ways Asterisk works with faculty and staff to create safe, inclusive learning spaces and share techniques for laying these foundations. Read more about the workshop and RSVP here:

The TLC is also co-sponsoring — with the James Gallery and the CUNY Humanities Alliance — Pressing Public Issues, which celebrates and explores the role of arts-engaged pedagogies in the undergraduate classroom. In this project, faculty from CUNY’s community colleges will be paired with teaching artists to develop a public facing arts project that takes on the theme of “On Nationalism and Democracy: Borders and Belonging.” Applications for this program (which will take place in Spring 2020 courses) are due on November 11. Please read more and apply here: Adjunct and full-time faculty are eligible to apply.