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Special Projects

Focused Inquiry Groups

Focused Inquiry Groups (FIGs) bring together small cadres of Graduate Center students who will collaborate on a research project, with the goal of producing an artifact that will move our community’s engagement with specific pedagogical questions forward.


TLC Grants support doctoral and masters students at the CUNY Graduate Center as they develop, plan, implement, and reflect upon creative approaches to teaching and learning. The goal of this program is to foster experimentation in the classroom, and to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning at the City University of New York and beyond. Read more about our 2017 Grant Winners.

Mellon Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance

The Teaching and Learning Center partners with the Graduate Center’s Provost Office and the Futures Initiative and Laguardia Community College’s Center for Teaching and Learning on the Mellon Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance. This grant, running from 2016-2020, will place 27 Graduate Center doctoral students at LaGuardia Community College. The doctoral students will gain onsite training from LaGuardia mentors and master faculty, while LaGuardia students will benefit from inspiring teaching, resources for cultural enrichment, and a humanities mentorship program. The initiative reflects the Graduate Center’s integrated approach to doctoral education, as well as its commitment to increasing access, boosting undergraduate graduation rates, and diversifying the humanities.

For more information about the grant supporting these fellowships, please see:

Slack Channel

The Teaching and Learning Center moderates a series of Slack channels on a range of topics relevant to teaching at CUNY. Please email tlc at to request membership, and join the conversation!

Open Teaching Initiative

The Open Teaching Initiative encompasses two programs: Open Classroom Week and the Class Visit Exchange. During Open Classroom Week, Graduate Center students who have taught for at least three semesters open their classrooms to visits from first year Graduate Center students who will soon be teaching their first courses at CUNY. The second program, the Class Visit Exchange, facilitates reciprocal classroom visits for participating instructors.

Teach@CUNY Day

Annually, the Teaching and Learning Centers hosts Teach@CUNY Day, a day-long exploration and celebration of teaching at CUNY. Aimed at GC students who will be teaching for the first time, but open to all members of the CUNY community, the day features a series of talks, workshops, and conversations intended to immerse attendees in the histories and methodologies necessary to design and teach effective courses at CUNY. For more information, please see the schedules from 2016 and 2017.

Teach@CUNY Handbook

The Teach@CUNY Handbook, compiled and written by the staff of the TLC, provides a primer to teaching in CUNY’s classrooms for those early in their college teaching careers. The first edition of the Handbook has been printed for distribution at the 2017 Teach@CUNY Day. It is not intended as a static or a comprehensive document, but rather as a collection of tips and suggestions to support the work of beginning CUNY instructors. There’s much we’ve missed and that we can improve, and the TLC will continue to refine and revise the Handbook. To facilitate that work we have launched an annotatable web version at We encourage and look forward to your feedback.

Teach@CUNY Summer Institute

The Teach@CUNY Summer Institute is a comprehensive, hybrid course-preparation seminar for Graduate Center Teaching Fellows. Participants have the opportunity to work with TLC staff and each other to build community and discuss a wide range of issues related to teaching in the CUNY undergraduate classroom. GC students who are active throughout the program will receive the Teach@CUNY Summer Institute Certificate from the Graduate Center’s Provost’s Office.

Visible Pedagogy

Visible Pedagogy is a blog dedicated to advancing and expanding conversations about teaching and learning at CUNY, edited by the staff of the Teaching & Learning Center at The Graduate Center, and collaboratively authored by CUNY faculty, staff, and students.


The Teaching and Learning Center regularly holds workshops on matters related to classroom teaching, and also collaborates with other units at the Graduate Center and throughout CUNY on events. TLC workshops are hands-on events that are open to faculty and staff from across CUNY (and beyond).

Students interested in partnering with the Teaching and Learning Center in the design and facilitation of a workshop should reach out to the director.

We hope to see you at our Spring 2018 workshops.

Past Workshop Series
Fall 2017
Spring 2017
Fall 2016
Spring 2016


TLC Workshop News

CFP: Resisting the Canon Panel

Call for Participation: Resisting the Canon On Wednesday March 7th, the Teaching and Learning Center will be hosting a panel discussion on strategies doctoral student instructors use to resist the canon in their teaching practices. We are seeking up to four panelists from a range of disciplines who will discuss the processes and politics surrounding …

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TLC Workshop: Museum Pedagogy in the Classroom

Announcing TLC Workshop, 2/22: Museum Pedagogy in the Classroom

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Community Event to Support International Student Instructors

Announcing 2/16 TLC Community Event to Support International Student Instructors

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TLC Workshop: February 6, Teaching with the CUNY Academic Commons and WordPress

TLC Workshop, 2/5: Teaching with the CUNY Academic Commons

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Spring 2018 Pre-Semester Course-Prep Workshops

TLC pre-semester course prep workshops 1/23 and 1/24

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Developing Socially Conscious Praxis for the University Classroom

Developing Socially Conscious Praxis for the University Classroom Workshop, January 18.

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TLC Grading Social

Announcing TLC Grading Social, December 20, 12-4pm

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TLC Workshop: Open Teaching

Announcing TLC Workshop: Open Teaching, 11/15, 3:00-5:00pm

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TLC Workshop: Positionality

Announcing TLC Workshop: Positionality, 11/6, 5:00-7:00pm, James Gallery

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TLC Workshop: Accessibility

Announcing TLC Workshop: Accessibility, 10/31, 10:30-12:30pm

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Programs & Services

The Teaching and Learning Center offers a range of services. The goal of the Center is to build and coalesce communities of practice within and across the populations that staff CUNY’s classrooms. We believe that our classrooms are stronger when both students and faculty members are aware of the contexts and purposes that have brought them together into that space. The best way to cultivate this awareness is via dialogue and through continuous interrogation of our practices.

Programs and services at the TLC focus explicitly on Graduate Center students who are teaching on CUNY’s campuses and beyond. We understand that these faculty members have much to learn from and to teach CUNY faculty whose work is not based at the Graduate Center, and thus we are always looking for opportunities to open up our programming and to collaborate with partners on other campuses.


The TLC offers hands-on workshops on a range of pedagogical methods and questions, educational technologies, preparation for the job market, and other areas.

Office Hours

TLC staff hold daily office hours where GC students can discuss their teaching, get assistance on special projects, and receive support preparing materials for the job market.

TLC Forum

The TLC Forum offers a public space for members of the CUNY community to discuss matters pertaining to teaching and learning, to share resources, and to connect with other teacher/scholars across CUNY and beyond.

Teach@CUNY Day

On May 2, 2016 the Teaching and Learning Center held the inaugural “Teach@CUNY Day,” which featured a series of talks and workshops designed for those who are beginning their careers as college teachers.

Special Projects

The TLC is available to collaborate on special projects with GC students and other CUNY faculty who are interested in developing and studying an assignment or assessment, building or implementing new educational technology tools and platforms, or applying for grants to support teaching and learning. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, please reach out!