Category: International Students

Activating Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom

CUNY’s classrooms are famously diverse, a reality reflected in the vast number of languages spoken by undergraduate students. Have you thought about how this language diversity will impact your teaching, and specifically how they how language dynamics impact classroom communication? How do we as instructors (especially international students and non-native English speakers) address the politics …

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Working with ELL/ESL Students

CUNY classrooms frequently feature students with a variety of language backgrounds. This workshop explores the ways in which that diversity can be an asset to a classroom and will offer tools for highlighting these varied perspectives and experiences. We will also discuss specific strategies to encourage ELL students to participate in course discussions as well …

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Teaching as an International Student

Teaching as an international student takes a lot of hard work and figuring out. As international graduate students, we often jungle many unknowns when we engage CUNY classrooms, classrooms that may look and feel quite different from the ones to which we have been habituated. We might  know little about our students’ previous educational experiences, …

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