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Using NYC Data for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally responsive teaching requires a learning space that is grounded in local, real-world, and collaborative contexts. These pedagogical approaches help our students find connections and relevance between course content and their backgrounds, communities, and identities. In this workshop, we will discuss facilitating student learning through data that is relevant to their lives and to New …

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Questions are the answers: A pedagogical tool for interactive classrooms

Asking questions is a useful strategy for uncovering student thinking and generating instant feedback in classrooms. This workshop will provide practical tips to promote student engagement and help instructors design effective questioning strategies that lead to increased participation. Attendees will experiment with and explore the effective use of questions for inquiry-based learning and will develop …

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Using Online Polls to Promote Active Learning and Student Engagement

“Technology doesn’t inherently improve learning; it merely makes possible effective pedagogy, and only when it is consonant with an instructor’s educational philosophy and beliefs and reinforced by other components of the total course” (Beatty, 2004, p. 08)   Have you ever introduced a new concept in your classroom and asked the students what they think …

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