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Using Online Polls to Promote Active Learning and Student Engagement

“Technology doesn’t inherently improve learning; it merely makes possible effective pedagogy, and only when it is consonant with an instructor’s educational philosophy and beliefs and reinforced by other components of the total course” (Beatty, 2004, p. 08)   Have you ever introduced a new concept in your classroom and asked the students what they think …

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Social Reading and Writing

Are you looking for ways to improve your students’ close reading skills or to kickstart class discussion by asking students to annotate readings online as a group before they come to class? Are you trying to find (new) strategies for peer review or collaborative writing projects? Or are you designing a hybrid or online course …

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Demystifying Ed Tech

Too often, conversations about educational technology are rife with black and white thinking. On the one hand, some assume that the introduction of technology into pedagogy will destroy the relationship between student and teacher, resulting in distracted students with no ability to focus. On the other hand, some think that with the introduction of a …

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Teaching with Social Media

This workshop was offered in Spring 2020 as an in-person workshop at the Graduate Center, CUNY. The workshop and materials were developed by Talisa Feliciano and Inés Vañó García. All materials on this page and in the linked google folder are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) 4.0 International Public License. Outreach Have you …

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Web-based Technologies

This workshop is targeted towards both beginner and intermediate level college teachers who want to learn about how to introduce technology into their pedagogy. We will showcase a number of free and no-experience required options for interacting with your students online. This workshop was offered in Fall 2018 as an in-person workshop at the Graduate …

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