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Building Student Input in Your Syllabus

As Bettina Love has noted, abolitionist teaching moves from, or with, critiques of injustice, towards liberation. This approach requires educators to put in “the work” of organizing around education in ways that center students, specifically from underrepresented backgrounds in newly created educational systems. bell hooks encourages the creation of an active relationship between educators and …

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Equity and Access in the Online Learning Space

This workshop bridges the concepts of equity (broadly conceived) and accessibility, treating them as related and intersecting. Its intention is to increase our collective and individual capacity to become more equity and accessibility-minded educators: especially in the online classroom, where existing inequity and a lack of accessibility can sometimes be magnified, but which is also …

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Bridging Lecture and Lab

Science courses are typically split between lecture and laboratory instruction. Lecture is used to provide students with foundational, structured knowledge, and labs allow students to make direct observations and develop specific scientific skills within the discipline. The division between these two experiences is often heightened when the lecture and lab components of the same course …

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Approaches to Course Design

In this workshop we will discuss how to effectively approach course design and planning, and we will workshop your ideas and discuss syllabi for courses attendees are going to teach over the summer or next year. Whether you’re designing a course for the first time, or looking to improve a course you’ve taught before, this …

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Incorporating Cultural Content in the Language Classroom

Many language instructors enter the classroom for the first time without knowledge of language acquisition principles. They are often asked to design their classes based on a textbook that doesn’t speak to students’ experiences and fails to appeal directly to them. New instructors often feel pressured to teach following a grammar-oriented approach that seems to …

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Expanding your Pedagogical Toolkit

Looking for new and creative instructional practices to enliven your classroom? Interested in learning new ways to structure your students’ engagement with course materials? Energetic class discussions can help connect emerging thinking to the reading students are doing. A supportive classroom community can reduce anxiety about learning, and create space for reflection and intellectual engagement. …

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