Category: WAC

Designing Accessible Writing Experiences

Are you thinking about how to provide your students opportunities to demonstrate their learning through writing? Are you interested in crafting assignments that allow students to authentically express what they know? It can be a challenge to provide students with academic supports while structuring deep engagement with course material, particularly in written assignments. However, there …

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Writing in Non-writing Courses

Are you looking for ways to help your students better process theoretical, abstract, or quantitative material? Or for ways to help them recognize and articulate the broader relevance and applicability of what they’ve learned in your class? Incorporating frequent and varied writing exercises is an effective teaching strategy across the disciplines, even in undergraduate courses …

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Writing Across the Curriculum

This workshop introduces instructors to the principles of WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum) pedagogy. At the core of these pedagogies is the idea that students do not just learn to write, but also write to learn – continuous writing practice helps students not only improve their writing skills, but also better understand course material. In …

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