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Open Pedagogy Interventions while Teaching Remotely: Place-based and Digital Storytelling Projects

Outreach Many of our teaching and learning practices have shifted since we have been forced to only teach remotely. However, our pedagogy, assignments, and classroom projects can still have a meaningful impact by engaging resources and spaces outside of our virtual classrooms. In this workshop we will discuss Place-based and Digital Storytelling as pedagogical methods …

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Toward Generative Assessment: Challenging punitive systems of grading

Outreach Description Grading often emphasizes critique in ways that inspire fear and disengagement. This workshop will explore how generative assessment can affirm students’ interests, development, and academic skills. We will also provide instructors with tools to tackle one of the most unpleasant and labor intensive aspects of teaching: grading! This workshop was offered as part …

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Building Student Input in Your Syllabus

As Bettina Love has noted, abolitionist teaching moves from, or with, critiques of injustice, towards liberation. This approach requires educators to put in “the work” of organizing around education in ways that center students, specifically from underrepresented backgrounds in newly created educational systems. bell hooks encourages the creation of an active relationship between educators and …

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